Mystery Frags Pack

Mystery Frags Pack

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New to the hobby and don’t know what to buy? Let our GTA Reef team hand pick some of our coolest and most popular frags pack. You can select either SPS only, LPS only, ZOAS only or a mixture of frags pack. Shipping are included and our packs are starting at $249.99 and up. Frags pack is a great way to start your reefing journey without breaking the bank.

Question: Why are there so many price ranges for each option?

Answer: Higher frags pack will have more frags and better bang for your buck.

Here are the breakdowns:

  • $249.99 pack includes 6 or more frags with free shipping.
  • $299.99 pack includes 7 or more frags with free shipping.
  • $349.99 pack includes 8 or more frags with free shipping.

Here are the steps to select your pack.

Step 1: 

Decide on the type of corals that you want. Options are SPS, LPS, Zoas or mix frags.

Step 2:

Select the price for the pack. Shipping is included in all packs.

Step 3:

Add the item to your cart