About Me
I was snorkeling on a 2004 trip to the Caribbean and the diverse underwater ecosystem of coral and fish was a truly breathtaking experience, at that moment I knew I wanted a reef tank.

My Coral Collection
I have one of the largest selections of SPS, LPS, Zoas and soft coral frag in the Toronto, Canada, GTA area. Most of my colonies are grown from a fragment and I am always on the pursuit to find the newest and rarest coral to add to my collection.

Coral Husbandry Philosophy
I believe stable parameters (e.g. ALK, CAL) and pests preventative (e.g. Coral dipping) are the keys to any successful reef tanks. I don’t follow trends on the latest equipment or additives & supplements, I go with what is tried, tested and true.

Local pickup & shipping
Local pickup in Toronto, near Yorkdale mall and shipping is available. Please contact me for details.

Have questions? You can contact me via Facebook or email me at info@gtareef.ca