Coral Care Requirements

Care Level

Most corals in this category do not have special feeding, substantial lighting requirements, and tolerate less than ideal water conditions.

Corals in this category demand a bit more attention. E.g., Some of these corals may have special feeding, lighting, or water movement requirements and water conditions closer to natural seawater.

Corals that fall into this category demand well-established systems with excellent water quality, water movement and lighting requirements.


Corals in this category do not sting nearby neighbours, but they can suffocate other corals by growing over them. Therefore, it is essential to keep them under control from growing over other corals.

Corals in this category possess a potent sting that may harm nearby corals that are not in the same family. Therefore, make sure to provide extra room between each coral.

Corals in this category should be strategically placed and provide plenty of space. Some corals have long stingers that can reach out a foot in length. Therefore, be sure to give them extra room for growth.


Corals that fall into this category include non-photosynthetic that originate in the deep parts of the reef. These species do not need a lot of light, and lightings under 50 PAR are sufficient.

Corals that fall into this category have a higher need for lighting. They can be placed from the middle to the top of the aquarium, and between 100-200 PAR should be sufficient.

Corals that fall into this category demand intense lighting. They can be placed at the top of the aquarium. Between 350-500 PAR should be sufficient.

Note: New corals should be acclimated in a moderate lighting area for a week before moving to a high lighting area.

Water Flow

Corals that fall into this category require low water movement or indirect flow and should not be placed in a direct water flow. Example, zoas and mushrooms.

Corals that fall into this category require moderate to high water movement to prevent detritus buildup around the corals and bring them the nutritional foods available in the water column.

Corals that fall into this category require strong but intermittent and non-indirect water movement to remove waste effectively and gather food essential in the water column.


Bottom placement is recommended for LPS and softy corals with Low to Medium water flow.

Bottom placement are recommended for LPS, and SPS with Moderate to High non-indirect water flow, with Moderate to High lighting.

The top of the aquarium should be reserved for SPS hard corals and soft corals that require High Light and Water Flow.

Common Name

The coral scientific family name

Alias Name

AKA (also known as) by other hobbyist.